White Mountains Hike - Scenic Photos

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IMG_8639.CR2 IMG_8646.CR2 IMG_8648.CR2
IMG_8659.CR2 IMG_8669.CR2 IMG_8694.CR2
IMG_8699.CR2 IMG_8706.CR2 IMG_8715.CR2
IMG_8723.CR2 IMG_8735.CR2 IMG_8737.CR2
IMG_8745.CR2 To Lincoln and Lafayette Lincoln and Lafayette
4 Ridges Summit of Clay IMG_8760.CR2
IMG_8761.CR2 IMG_8764.CR2 IMG_8774.CR2
IMG_8777.CR2 Summit of Jefferson Highest Point on Jefferson
IMG_8796.CR2 Jefferson Rock Pile On to Adams
IMG_8812.CR2 Thunderstorm Junction Summit of Adams