White Mountains Hike - Scenic Photos

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IMG_8182.CR2 IMG_8186.CR2 IMG_8188.CR2
IMG_8195.CR2 IMG_8197.CR2 IMG_8207.CR2
IMG_8213.CR2 IMG_8214.CR2 IMG_8215.CR2
IMG_8224.CR2 IMG_8229.CR2 IMG_8236.CR2
Fire Line on the Mountain IMG_8239.CR2 Zealand Hut
IMG_8268.CR2 IMG_8272.CR2 IMG_8274.CR2
Mitzpah Spring Hut IMG_8295.CR2 IMG_8299.CR2
IMG_8306.CR2 IMG_8308.CR2 Mitzpah Springs
Summit of Pierce The Trail to Lake of the Clouds Summit of Pierce
Summit of Eisenhower IMG_8344.CR2 IMG_8349.CR2